In the early years of the 21st century, A. Le Coq turned into the largest beverage producer in Estonia, the number of product groups of which increased to ten. As a leader in the beverage market and in developing this market, A. Le Coq offers a wide selection of products, from water, juices, soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks to low-alcohol drinks like beer, cider, long-drink and cocktails. A. Le Coq is a market leader in juices, sports drinks, ciders and long drinks.

Over the past ten years, the company has invested about one billion kroons in technology, equipment, buildings, the development and expansion of beverage production. New bottling lines for cans and plastic bottles, new pastorisers for bottling beer and juice, and the use of quality plastic bottles were important steps in shaping today’s success. The turning points were 2003, when A. Le Coq bought the juice producer AO Ă–sel Foods, and under the brand name Aura, he began production and development of juices and juice products, and 2004, when A. Le Coq, as the first Estonian producer of drinks, produced a year more than 100 million liters of drinks, further strengthening its position as a leader in the beverage market blue label heets.

A. Le Coq makes a great contribution to product innovation by offering consumers the widest possible choice of products, both in content and in appearance. In 2005, A. Le Coq launched a foil-coated jar on the market, and a relief jar a year later. In addition, in 2006 A. Le Coq opened a modern line for packaging drinks with six cans with a handle, which allows you to buy your favorite products in a more convenient and reliable package.

An important stage in the development of the enterprise was the relocation of the entire warehouse and distribution traffic to a separate logistics center, which allows us to build a new bottling line in plastic bottles on the vacant areas, thereby doubling the production capacity of plastic bottles.